General Info

  • Client to provide the space. If needed, mats and towels are available for an additional charge. If brand recognition is valuable to you, we offer branded yoga mats, reusable water bottles, and sweat gear.
  • Our events and retreats can be customized for team building, fundraising, employee appreciation and more, just ask us how!
  • Load in & out time is minimal, most classes can set up and strike in 15 minutes or less.
  • Classes are available from 5AM-10PM, daily.
  • Each class is customized to be cohesive with your company’s core values and brand integrity.
  • Vitality guarantees corporate-friendly music and attire.
  • We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly programs so you can focus on your business while we focus on your wellness.
  • Classes are priced per person and we offer programs to fit every budget. Please send us a message to inquire about pricing.
  • Additional AV, instructors, or production may be required for larger spaces and/or groups over 50.

Mock Schedules

The Early Riser

  • 6AM – 6:40AM – Vital Yoga
  • 7AM – 7:30AM – Mindfulness Meditation

A Full Day of Movement – recommended during long meeting days.

  • 7AM – 7:40AM – AromaFlow
  • 11AM – 11:10AM – Express Stretch
  • 2:30PM – 3PM – Breath Awareness Meditation
  • 4:30PM – 4:45PM – Express Stretch
  • 6PM – 6:30PM – Party Party

Afternoon Break and Evening Relaxation

  • 12PM – 12:30PM – Flex 30 or Body Scan Meditation
  • 6PM – 6:40PM – Yin Yoga

Las Vegas Locals

WE LOVE LOCALS and will bring our services anywhere in the Las Vegas valley. We cater not only to traditional offices but also to hospitals, first responders and senior livings. We can even host “Mommy and Me” classes or vitalize a birthday or bachelorette party.


The benefits of Vitality are endless. Extensive studies prove that wellness programs:

1. Improve employee health behavior.
2. Reduce elevated health risks.
3. Reduce health care costs.
4. Improve productivity.
5. Decrease absenteeism.
6. Improve employee recruitment and retention.
7. Sustain high employee morale.
8. Ensure a proper work-life balance.